Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update on ESTP Performance

I designed and started tracking this system in July of 2009. I originally posted it on C2 as a composite of 3 strategies. After I started it I added a fourth strategy. The minimum contract size for this sytem is 2 S&P e-minis. It didn't gain any traction because it didn't do anything so I took it down. Since I still have the code and everything set up to track it and it's posted on the website I'm able to provide updates on it's performance. Ironically it has done very well since I took it down from C2 so I regret not having left it up because if I had I would now have some subscriptions and as a minimum I would have the benefit of the public track record that C2 provides. As it is, you just have to take my word for. You can download the strategy performance reports from if you want more information.

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