Friday, March 26, 2010

Recently I decided that working totally alone was something I wanted to change. I wanted to put my ideas in front of other people and also to help people with less experience. Being totally self-taught I have some appreciation for how difficult it is to become an effective strategy developer and trader. So, I started to post more actively on one of the forums I participate in and also put up samples of my strategies for people to use or further develop on their own. This outreach has proven successful beyond my expectations. I now have two very capable collaborators for my trading strategies and ideas. Here what one of them has to say about me:

After retirement as a professional Software Engineer 3 1/2 years ago, I learned everything I could about EasyLanguage and strategy development. For over two and a half years I've had the opportunity to code, test, and support strategies for professional hedge fund traders. After reviewing a post by Tom Graney on the TradeStation forums about an elegant, clever and useful trading concept with sample code, I contacted Tom. Tom provided further assistance which resulted in a strategy with the best ten year equity curve I had ever seen over a ten year back tested period, without code that biases results, and with realistic commission and slippage expenses. (Strategies that hold up with realistic expenses are rare, let alone hold up with a near perfect equity curve.) I have since traded Tom's strategy and the trades are matching the awesome results that would be expected from the back testing results. Tom has used his in depth knowledge in how markets work along with his expertise in mathematics and statistics to develop extraordinary and rare strategies that hold up over time and with expenses. As I continue to work with Tom on strategy development and testing, I find his market observations to be amazingly astute, and implementations of his ideas brilliant! (George Thomas,, 720-346-6986)

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