Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fan Mail

Following are some comments from another person who is collaborating with me on strategy development and who uses my strategies in actual trading. Having people to work with in this endeavor is very stimulative for my own strategy concept development to say nothing of the value of independent thinking from people of the quality of Kazume Nishiyama. I am very grateful to have her on the team.

Tom is one of the most intelligent and insightful people I have ever met during my years of PhD studies and during my career in the financial industry as quantitative analyst and risk manager. I believe only a handful of quantitative traders or researchers can produce such consistently profitable strategies. Usually, “profitability” does not go together with “consistency”, but I have seen this in Tom’s strategies.

Tom’s system is truly amazing. I have never seen such a stable and strong equity curve with high probability of winning. Unlike many strategies which are commercially distributed, he has been trading this exact strategy for years and it has proved itself consistently profitable. The merits of his strategies have been proven out by my own live-trading and exhaustive back-testing.

I also must add that Tom is a very responsible and sincere person whom I have developed deep respect and trust for g also must add that Tom is a very responsible sincere person who is gooing this exact strategy for so many years for his livethrough my association with him. You may wonder, as I did, why he would share his strategies with others. He knows the market well enough that he does not worry about exhausting profitable strategies, which only truly talented traders can recognize. In addition to his trading skills, he has a genuine inclination to want to help others and share his knowledge and expertise.

Kazume Nishiyama


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